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Can we ever have enough sheet masks? The answer is never. This time round, the YesStylists got together to sample three of FRUDIA’s fruit-infused sheet masks: the Blueberry Hydrating Mask to moisturize skin and improve water retention, the Citrus Brightening Mask to revitalize dull and tired skin, and the Avocado Relief Mask to protect the skin barrier.

Zoe: Has anybody tried skin care from FRUDIA before?

Michelle: I tried the brand’s Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Mask and Eye Cream just a few months ago!

Sarah: I tried FRUDIA’s hand creams earlier this month! Loved the scents and gentle formulations~

Zoe: Oh nice! I’ve only ever tried its foot mask and foot shampoo. 😂

Michelle: Yea, I couldn’t get enough of the mask! The eye cream was pretty good too!

Dianne: I haven’t tho. I’ve been reading all your reviews! All of them…

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