Self-Love Without Social Change Ain’t It


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From tv to social media, the self-love movement is everywhere! Our favorite celebrities always have a motivational message about self-love. Self-love is supposed to make people feel good and appreciate their bodies. 

But, self-love is not sustainable without social change. It cannot exist without challenging the dominant society to uproot its beliefs about certain bodies and help create a society where fat people can thrive. 

It’s essential to treat fatphobia as a social justice issue. Treating self-love as the solution to navigating the impact of social, political, and economic fatphobia is not helpful.

It creates a sense of weight blindness and leads people to believe that weight does not have an impact on the lives of fat people. There definitely are legal and social limitations that impact fat people’s lives. 

But, Is Self-Love Possible To Achieve In A…

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