Where to Shop the Cutest Chunky Plastic Rings


Never has a resurgence of a fashion trend felt so right — in my opinion, anyway. Celebrities like Eris Baker, Bella Hadid, and Emma Chamberlain, along with a handful of influencers, are hopping right back into the days of playful manicures mixed with chunky plastic or acrylic rings, some dazzled with rhinestones and crystals. Perhaps the kitschy jewelry just feels uplifting right now, at a time when we’re looking for pieces to boost our “shoptimsm.” Plus, the brands introducing these spectacular pieces of jewelry back into our lives come from all over the world, which makes the connection to universal fads even stronger.

Mon Cher Moi, which is based in Los Angeles, offers worldwide shipping of its clay-crafted pieces, whereas Shop Sweet Thing has a custom option for its “chewing gum” baubles. British brands Blackcurrant Pop and July Child are in on the hype, and Riice is based in…

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