All About The Human Eye Color Chart


Eye Color Chart

Have you wondered about different colored eyes, and how do people inherit them? As you might have noticed, there are different people with different eye colors. These eye colors can vary from gray, hazel, blue, green, and brown.

But do you know that the eye color is actually the iris color? There is a pigment known as melanin present in your iris which produces your eye color. For example, blue eyes are produced due to a lack of melanin while brown eyes are produced by higher concentrations of melanin. The resultant eye color can be of any shade which is further determined by genetics.

Here is a brief illustration of the human eye color chart.

Human Eye Color Charts

Commonly, two-parents with green can end up with a green-eyed baby, but not always. Similarly, two-hazel-eyed parents are likely to have a child with hazel eyes, but not all the time. If one parent has hazel eyes, and the other parent has…

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