12 Black Handbag Designers To Support This Black History Month, And Beyond


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There is something magical about bringing Black excellence to something as simple as a handbag. The stories behind why many Black designers/creatives start are usually based on changing the industry, paving the way, bringing their history to the forefront, and sending a helping hand to other contemporaries. Today I want to focus on Black handbag designers!

black handbag designers
Via Teen Vouge

The handbag you choose says everything about you and your personality. Do you only carry your credit card and lipgloss? Do you need a bag that can carry your laptop, journal, pens, makeup bag, literally everything? 

Are you a simple clutch carrier? Do you prefer vegan friendly, leather, cloth, or animal print? 

Handbag shopping is similar to finding the perfect pair of shoes. You’re looking for quality, style, longevity, and an item that captures your personality. We need several different bags at…

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