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My beauty practices have changed due to COVID-19. I use far less makeup and makeup removers, while applying more hand creams than ever due to frequent handwashing. Using scented cream while wearing a mask is underwhelming since it’s hard to smell the fragrance. Still, I appreciate the times when I’m at home and able to freely breathe in the fragrance from creams. I’ve convinced myself that such a ritual is necessary to testify that my sense of smell is intact. This is when BOUQUET GARNI’s fragranced hand creams and body lotions come into play.

Hand Cream / Body Lotion

Fellow editor Dianne has already compared one of the brand’s body lotions with KLAVUU’s and concluded that the latter is more moisturizing. Nonetheless, I’m sold on BOUQUET GARNI’s switch from pump bottle to tube packaging – it means there will be less wasted…

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