IU’s Glam Gowns and Alternative Attire in “Celebrity” – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog


Last month, IU dropped the pre-release single Celebrity for her upcoming fifth album, and the song has since topped digital charts and received several music show wins. The electro-pop track might deviate from IU’s usual sound, but the lyrics channel her usual depth. Through this song, the singer-songwriter hopes to encourage those who feel “odd” to embrace that they are one-of-a-kind stars.

The music video for Celebrity features mesmerizing, cinematic scenes as IU shifts between various personas. She wears intricate outfits that bring these personas to life, ranging from glitzy frocks and a sleek all-leather ensemble to boho-chic and pop-punk attire. Read on to recreate the looks!

True to the song’s name Celebrity, IU dons plenty of grand dresses paired with luxe silver-tone, rhinestone-embellished accessories fit for red carpet events. She uses different colors and…

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