The Best Juicy Tracksuits and Ugg Boots to Shop Now


You know her well. Hell, maybe you even were her. She was in your 9 a.m. economics class — or perhaps the early morning shift at your summer job — casually strolling in 10 minutes late with an iced latte in hand (which, honestly, was probably what made her late in the first place). With an air of confidence, she enters the room, head held high under a velour zip-up hoodie and oversized sunglasses. Is there makeup under those sunglasses? Is it from last night, or this morning? Who knows? Who cares! She’s the Juicy tracksuit and Uggs girl, and she marches to the beat of her own drum.

For me, she was my best friend in college (and to this day), and my god, I wanted so badly to be her. I aspired to have the kind of confidence where I could roll out of bed, throw on a tracksuit, and subsequently saunter into class like I truly didn’t give a f*ck. Alas, I didn’t. Getting up early to…

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