7 Creative Virtual Galentine’s Day Ideas That Will Have You Feeling The Love!


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Okay, so what we’re all going to agree to this year is no self-loathing and wallowing on Valentine’s day (or Galentine’s Day). All in agreement, say I! Whew, alright, now that we’re all in agreement, I can talk with you all about the real.

Far too often, we focus more on our romantic relationships than our platonic and friendship relationships. The greatest love affairs I’ve had have been with my girlfriends.

It has been with Black women who have shaped me, pushed me, motivated me, held me, cheered for me, and loved me. The love between girlfriends, or friends in general, feels like freedom.

It feels like your first perfect cup of coffee on a sunny morning or stepping out of the salon with a fresh due after a few days (or weeks) looking your not so best. 

For us, Black women and femmes especially, our friendships are everything. I don’t know about you all,…

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