Sustainable and CUTE! Parade Universal: The World’s First Carbon-Neutral, Recycled, Edgeless Underwear


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This month, Parade (you know, that super trendy underwear brand?) introduced Parade Universal, which they say is the world’s first carbon-neutral, recycled, edgeless underwear!

This is a MAJOR accomplishment in sustainability in the fashion realm!

parade universal

The brand’s first sustainable product was created in partnership with Native Energy, a carbon offset expert that helps companies neutralize their carbon footprint!

What lead Parade to this product development, was feedback from it’s customers. Parade listened to the feedback of their customer base and the desire for more sustainable yet trendy underwear options.

Parade has also made the commitment to become an entirely carbon neutral business by the end of 2022!

I don’t know about you guys, but that’s a major commitment!! We are so excited to see these efforts!

It will be great to see if the brand will continue to…

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