Skai Jackson Wears the Coolest Vintage T-Shirts on TikTok


It’s no secret that Dancing With the Stars talent and Disney channel star Skai Jackson has a bubbly personality — she’s downright hilarious, and her TikTok is one place in particular where we really get to know her. Well, her and her wardrobe, which we’ve suddenly realized is chock-full of oversize vintage ’90s tees, some of which she’s snipped up and cropped to her liking, making them all the better uniforms for showing off her moves.

It’s safe to say 18-year-old Jackson has collected these marvels from thrift shopping in stores or online, and our heads are spinning just beginning to count the gems she’s found. From a psychedelic tie-dye Rugrats tee to a ’90s Lil Bow Wow tour shirt and a few more well-known cartoon characters speckled in between, let’s just say we’d pay big money to see her closet.

Naturally, she inspired us to shop for similar clothing memorabilia, and even…

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