Fat Black Women are Black History, Too


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February is federally recognized as the month to celebrate Black beauty, survival, success, love, and resilience. When you think of Black History Month, the first few people that come to mind are Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, and, at best, Malcolm X.

Fat Black Women are least likely to be recognized. 

fat Black Women are Black history too
Alexa Canady Spartanburg Science Center

“Throughout our nation’s history, Fat Black Women have fought racism, sexism, classism, and a host of other societal ills, yet by and large, have been excluded from the conversation based on fatphobia”


Fat Black Women have been shifting the culture for decades. Black Excellence doesn’t exist without Ma Rainey, Hattie McDaniels, Mary McLeod Bethune, and many other forgotten Fat Black Women.

 There wouldn’t be a Stacey Abrams (Politician), Lisa Jackson (Apple VP), or Lizzo (Pop Star) without the Fat Black…

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