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There’s no better time to cozy up in fleece and knits and slurp down a nice cuppa hot cocoa than winter. However, it’s not my preferred season as far as how my skin fares. The parched, frigid air contributes to vexing skin problems, like itchiness and flakiness. Luckily, knowing the right ingredients to use in your winter skin care regimen can help fight off the dry and cold season!

For mildly dry skin with a few rough patches

Olive Oil

A kitchen pantry staple, olive oil is my go-to when I run out of moisturizing creams. It contains squalene that intensely hydrates skin and reduces water loss, as well as antioxidants to combat free radical damage. When you don’t have time to find a moisturizing product for winter, grab a bottle of olive oil, mix a few drops into your serum, and voila! However, tread carefully if you have sensitive or…

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