Dickinson Costume Designer on Hailee Steinfeld’s Best Looks


When we first heard that Hailee Steinfeld would be starring as Emily Dickinson, we could barely contain our enthusiasm. Just imagine the lush costumes! And we’re happy to report that the appropriately named Apple TV+ show Dickinson, now in its second season, certainly delivers in the fashion department, thanks in large part to costume designer Jennifer Moeller.

Throughout the series, best friends and occasional lovers Emily Dickinson and Sue Gilbert (Ella Hunt) are dressed in 19th-century clothes that are fittingly restrictive. That is, except for when Emily is at home writing poetry. In those quiet moments, in the privacy of her own bedroom, she wears a house dress that exudes comfort and a casual air of flippancy: Emily is dressing for herself and herself only. In other words, she is all of us in lockdown.

Here, we talked to Moeller about dressing a literary icon and the enduring…

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