The Weeknd’s Red Richfresh Suit at Super Bowl Halftime Show


While The Weeknd has been sticking to his signature red suit lately — the look speaks to the theme of his entire After Hours album — he tapped fashion designer Patrick Henry of Richfresh to create his Super Bowl LV halftime ensemble. Fresh spoke to WWD ahead of the show, explaining that he had initially connected with Abel Makkonen to create a suit to wear to his godson’s christening. Clearly, The Weeknd loved the fit of that design, because he approached Fresh again. This look was inspired by films like Casino and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and it comes equipped with mother of pearl buttons and sparkles, which you likely caught a glimpse of as he strutted across stage.

“I wanted to keep it really clean. Everything is made in such a way that he looks very together when he’s standing still, but he can still move around because Abel likes to move,” Fresh said, going on to…

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