Cardi B’s Stylist Talks Nostalgic “Up” Music Video Style


It wouldn’t be a Cardi B music video without incredible outfits. The singer puts her trust in Kollin Carter to dream up bigger and bolder styles each time she releases a new track or steps out on the red carpet, and the sexy “Up” video is no exception. When the clip premiered on Feb. 5, fans immediately started buzzing about the looks, and Kollin recently shared a few fun details on his Instagram.

Kollin called out a specific moment from the music video, where Cardi wears a cone bra and spray painted sneakers. “This look by @fashionbyreyortiz was special!” Kollin wrote. “We wanted to create a HOOD yet High Fashion moment! We used elements from Jean Paul Gaultier’s iconic 1984 ruched cone boobs mixed with an early 2000’s Juicy couture aesthetic! Remember when sneakers heels were the thing then?”

He included videos and photos of the sneaker creation process as well. “I had the…

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