21 Self Care & Self Love Affirmations for Plus People


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Plus size visibility in fashion, and mainstream media, is slowly but surely catching up to what we’ve been saying for years – plus size folks are beautiful, worthy of self love and full of talent!

It’s a beautiful thing to see more images of plus size bodies on the covers of fashion magazines (can someone say Jessamyn Stanley and Callie Thorpe on the Cosmo cover for the win?!). Not to mention, there are more plus size mannequins in storefronts as more and more clothing designers include plus sizes in their selections, making plus sizes bodies more visible and mainstream.

We are loving it!

Plus Size art Illustrations by NeoqlassicalArt self love
Courtesy of NeoqlassicalArt

But wait a minute though!

As anyone in a plus size body knows… it still can be difficult to navigate the world in a plus size body. How do we *truly* embrace how beautiful our expansive bodies really are? Even if you’ve been practicing self love for…

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