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Do you use face mist in your skin care regimen?

Face mists do more than just supply a boost of hydration. Some offer soothing benefits and revitalize a dull complexion, while others help calm irritation and strengthen the skin barrier.

Whenever my skin feels extra parched, a face mist can always revive my skin and get rid of dry patches. Keep reading for a guide to using face mists and a list of mists that suit different skin concerns.

How to incorporate a face mist in your routine

There are different ways to use a face mist. Spritz it as a midday refresher or whenever your skin feels dry or tight. You can also keep one on your work desk to instantly perk up tired-looking skin.

Face mists work perfectly as toners. For maximum hydration, don’t just use it as a moisturizing toner. Layer the face mist in between your ampoule, serum and moisturizer,…

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