The Black Plus Size Models Revitalizing the Plus Size Fashion Space in 2021


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Will all the Black plus size models, please stand up!

We’re currently living in a time where the model industry is being dismantled, and marginalized bodies, who have been generationally excluded from print and runways, are stepping in to claim their space.

In 2021, there are so many different ways to be a plus size model, and it’s thankfully a new realm with a wider audience, bigger representation, and a grander stage.

Trailblazing Black Plus Model Moments

I remember being younger and literally craving any version of plus size or “full-figured” model, but they were so far and few in between.

I remember Mo’Nique launching a reality show, Mo’Nique’s FAT Chance, centering on discovering a fat model and doubled as a beauty pageant specifically catered to plus size women.

monique fat chance black plus size models
Image from Mo’Nique’s Fat Chance on the Oxygen Network

On Tyra Banks’…

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