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My hands don’t usually get dry in winter. Imagine my surprise when I discovered my hands (and knuckles in particular) had become reddened, sensitive and prone to little cuts. I figured this was due to increased handwashing and use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. These aren’t habits I’ll cut anytime soon, but I knew I had to protect my hands ASAP. Thankfully, YesStyle has a large selection of hand creams. Drawn by the buzzwords “vegan” and “eco-friendly” and its simple, earthy packaging, I decided to try FRUDIA’s Re:proust Essential Blending Hand Cream, which comes in three types.

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Made free of artificial fragrances and blended with 100% natural essential oils, the Re:proust Essential Blending Hand Cream contains two main ingredients: shea butter and 100% pure moringa oil. Shea butter maintains moisture and elasticity…

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