The History and Importance of Fat Liberation


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Why is Fat liberation necessary?

There is a lack of protection for fat people in this country. It will be 45 years since Michigan created a law stating that jobs cannot discriminate based on weight.

Has any of the other 49 states passed a law? No. 

The Dangers of Diet Culture

Diet culture is one of the ways that society tries to punish people into thinness. In 1967, 500 people protested diet culture and medical discrimination by eating ice cream and burned diet books in Central Park.

They carried around Twiggy, a White 98 lb supermodel, who was being promoted as the ideal body at the time. 

When bodies shrink, it is automatically assumed that they are healthy and moral.

The impact of diet culture is not limited to fat bodies. The diet industry is a 71 billion dollar industry and is ableist, fatphobic, queerphobic, and anti-Black.

Most of the early documentation of fat…

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