It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here: 10 Sexy Plus Size Valentine’s Day Gifts To Spice Up Your Night!


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So, we all know that Valentine’s Day is coming up, and as sweet as this special day can be, it can also be a very *spicy* one too! I don’t know about y’all… but I’m a fan of spice!

So we will tap into the spicy spirit of Valentine’s day with this fun gift guide, so whether the gifts are for you or your boo, these sexy plus size Valentine’s Day gifts will definitely help you make this day special!

My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is that it is a day to completely be sexy, romantic, provocative, and curious. It’s a perfect time to consensually experiment and explore different things.

Being plus size doesn’t have to hinder your sex life at all! On the contrary! Don’t be afraid to explore your own beautiful body and find out the ways you feel most sensual and fulfilled.

Oftentimes, there is a misconception that plus size bodies are unable to do…

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