You Oughta Know: Black-Owned Vintage Boutique, Merry Brwn Girl


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This article is for all the vintage clothing and blazer-lovers out there!! Merry Brwn Girl’s eclectic and gorgeous pieces, including multiple styles and patterns of blazers, immediately stood out from all the rest!

We’re always on the lookout for vintage resellers doing online boutiques right, and we were so impressed with this Black-Owned Vintage boutique, we had to write home about them!

Black-Owned Vintage boutique
Vintage Everyday Brown Blazer – Merry Brwn Girl

All about Merry Brwn Girl – Black-Owned Vintage Boutique

Black-Owned Vintage boutique
Carla La’Vette – Merry Brwn Girl

Merry Brwn Girl is a Black Womxn-Owned Vintage Boutique that was founded and is owned by Carla La’Vette from Jacksonville, Florida. About La’Vette,

As a young, black womxn, I have found that finding my own sense of style has helped navigate my way through this journey called life.

Carla La’Vette

Black-Owned Vintage boutique
Vintage Tuxedo Top – Merry Brwn…

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