The Return of the Flared Leggings Trend From the ’90s


Nothing ages you quite like the return of a piece of clothing that you swore you’d never wear again. But here we are 20 years later, in 2021, talking about flared yoga pants, which have seemingly appeared out of nowhere and are suddenly beloved by just about everyone, from rising Gen-Z influencers to veteran fashion editors.

Some light internet sleuthing reveals that the source of this comeback can be traced back to Kaia Gerber, who partnered with sustainable luxe basics brand Bleusalt last August to launch a pair of glorified yoga pants crafted from cashmere-alternative fibers, appropriately named “The Kaia Pant.” But the biggest instigator looks to be Emma Chamberlain, who single-handedly resurrected the early-aughts relic with all her mighty #influence when she tweeted in October: “is it bad that i want flare yoga pants and uggs to come back im so sorry but it was so comfortable…

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