Shop Ballet-Inspired Fashion and “Danceleisure”


With getting dressed to stay at home becoming ever more monotonous, I’ve been trying to strike that elusive balance of comfortable-but-not-slovenly. And since I spent my formative years pliéing away in a dance studio, I had a mini epiphany recently about how to do just that: by incorporating more dancewear into my wardrobe. By now, most of us have fully embraced athleisure. But if you want to give a slightly chicer twist to your daily wardrobe, may I suggest danceleisure instead?

The idea struck me after I commiserated a little too much with this recent New York Times piece on how many of us are “hate-wearing” pandemic clothes. You know that thing in your closet that’s ill-fitting, stained, kinda ugly, or just makes you feel supremely meh — and that you wear anyway? For me, it was a pair of tattered Zara jeans that didn’t quite fit at the waist, the hip, or really anywhere, but…

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