The Best Sleeping Bag Coats to Invest in Right Now


As East Coast temperatures continue to plummet and nevertheless, outdoor dining persists, I found myself wondering how I’d survive the winter and at least attempt to be social. Let me preface this by saying that since childhood — in the suburbs of NYC, I should add — I’ve run cold. Like, very cold. At home, my space heater and I were inseparable, and ski trips required multiple layers of long underwear and two pairs of gloves at minimum. I complain about the weather more than my friends from Los Angeles and flat out refuse to leave my apartment if it’s below freezing outside.

Suffice it to say, when New York governor Andrew Cuomo gave the green light for restaurants to operate even with wind chills in the single digits, I panicked. That is, until the sleeping bag coat. What is a sleeping bag coat, you ask? Basically what it sounds like: A long puffer jacket insulated with…

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