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Like “pandemic,” “lockdown” and “social distancing,” “maskne” has become a new, unwelcome buzzword from 2020 to now. Maskne basically means acne caused by wearing face masks. It can be due to masks rubbing against skin, lack of hydration, or sebum, sweat and moisture trapped in masks. The YesStylists have gathered to share their ways to fight this new and common skin issue.

Maureen: It’s been a year since the pandemic struck. How do you guys feel?

Dianne: I feel like it’s been a decade. 🙄

Agnes: It’s been a tough one, but I’m hanging in there.

Michelle: Personally, I can’t rmb a time when masks weren’t a big part of my life. 😂

Sarah: Yes, exactly! Nowadays my face feels so naked without that extra protective layer. 😂

Melanie: Can’t believe that masks have officially become our daily “accessory” lol.

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