How Fast Fashion Profits From the Uyghur Genocide


What thoughts roll through your mind when you see your favorite brand is having a midseason sale? I think about what outfits I’ll wear my new clothes with or how great of a steal I just got. I’ll tell you what I haven’t thought about until now: Was this garment made with voluntary or forced labor? How old was the person who constructed this? What’s the humanity in this piece of clothing? The student activists behind the growing Free Uyghur Now movement are hoping to get us to start asking those questions.

I had the pleasure of connecting with one of the activists behind the student coalition, Tasnim Benalla (pictured below). “I’ve always found it my responsibility to work for the world I want to create,” she said. And work she does. What started as a paper on an unfamiliar subject turned into a passion for raising awareness about the Uyghur genocide at the hands of the Chinese…

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