See the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O’s Style Through the Years


Karen O is someone I have admired for years on end when it comes to both music and style. I’ll never forget turning on MTV one summer and watching the music video for “Maps” for the first time. I remember being completely drawn in, thinking to myself, “I don’t know who this badass woman is, but she’s someone I definitely aspire to be.” From that moment on, I watched the Yeah Yeah Yeahs become one of the most iconic bands and saw Karen take the stage (and the Oscars!) in one eye-catching outfit after another. Who is the designer behind most of her iconic looks, you might wonder? It’s costumer designer Christiane Hultquist, aka Christian Joy, and I had the pleasure of speaking with her about some of her favorite style moments with the lead singer. (It was truly a “pinch me” moment!)

“The really extraordinary thing about my relationship with Karen is the trust she put in my work. Most…

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