Getting Quality Sleep Should Be at the Top of Your Self-Care List


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Life has been just a tad bit stressful ya’ll. The past year was certainly a wake-up call for so many of us that self-care is hella important. In these past few months, I realized just how important self-care and quality sleep is to my life.

So, on the heels of these “New Year, New You” and all the other New Year Declarations (or New Year Themes), we thought to have a conversation that centered something else- something that impacts your well-being… SLEEP. Not just regular “look cute while you sleep,” but the quality sleep that helps restore, revitalize, and help set your day on a positive track.

Quality Sleep with Big Fig Mattress
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As a plus size person, I realized that I had some specific needs when it comes to where and how I sleep (including how many hours I allow…

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