What It Means and Why It Should Matter To You


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The body positivity movement has transformed lives and attitudes about how all bodies are beautiful and worthy of respect. It has empowered people to live in their bodies and love themselves unapologetically. But, what about body politics?

While body acceptance is needed, it lacks in addresses the social, political, and economic disadvantages of living in a marginalized body.

Last summer, the death of George Floyd, Toni Mcdade, and Breonna Taylor challenged society to start thinking about #BlackLivesMatter and Black Americans’ right to exist without experiencing violence.

There have been years of violence and neglect of the issues that impact bodies. Body positivity is necessary for some, but everyone must begin to develop a body politic that addresses gender, race, size, and ability.

Society tells us how to treat people based on their bodies. There is an expectation…

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