The Best Pajamas from Gap 2021


In my opinion, great pajamas are as necessary to your wardrobe as a perfect bra or a classic pair of jeans. It’s absolutely critical to have great pairs of pajamas; they make going to sleep that much more enjoyable, and as someone who loves clothes, I feel uncomfortable going to bed in a mismatched outfit. It doesn’t need to be a full button-down pajama set, but I like things to match, even my loungewear. While shopping one day, I found this pair of pajama pants, the Gap Pure Body Modal Jagger ($31, originally $40) that was simply magical. They were, and still are to this day, the softest, most lightweight fabric I had ever felt, and I knew I had to have them.

Once my friends caught wind of them, they too became obsessed. Now, when we’re stuck on birthday presents, we just pick up a new pair of these pajamas. Complete with a matching shirt and a bottle of wine or a face mask, it’s…

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