Meena Harris Husband’s Dior Air Jordan 1s at Inauguration


Sometimes, you gotta love the internet, and this is one of those moments. Twitter had a field day trying to figure out who wore a pair of Dior Air Jordan 1s at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration. We first spotted someone wearing the sneakers while walking down the stairs behind Amy Klobuchar while she gave a speech in Washington D.C. After some quick digging, we confirmed that the person who was able to nab the coveted kicks and wear them to the historic moment was none other than Nikolas Ajagu aka Meena Harris’s husband.

We’re not that surprised to learn that it was Meena’s husband rocking the cool sneakers. After all, Meena is one stylish lady herself. She wore a green Ulla Johnson dress with a shearling-lined Coach coat for the inauguration. As it turns out, the Vice President’s side of the family wasn’t the only one who decided to wear sneakers for the event. In fact, President…

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