Joe Biden’s 4 Granddaughters Wear Matching Monochrome Coats


On Jan. 20, Joe Biden was sworn in as president of the United States and delivered his acceptance speech in a custom Ralph Lauren suit — proof Dr. Jill Biden isn’t the only stylish one in the White House. If you happened to look over President Biden’s shoulder during the inauguration ceremony, you might have spotted his four granddaughters — Naomi Biden, Maisy Biden, Finnegan Biden, and Natalie Biden — showing off their own style games in monochrome coats paired with matching face masks and hand gloves.

The sleek outfits nicely complemented Jill Biden’s own ocean-blue coat dress, which symbolizes “trust, confidence, and stability,” according to a press release. Naomi Biden, Joe’s oldest grandkid, sported an all-white outfit with a matching scarf and stood alongside her siblings, Maisy (in black) and Finnegan (in camel), and her cousin Natalie, who wore a rosy pink wool coat…

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