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One of my constant quests in life is to prevent my winter skin flare-ups. As a November birthday girl, I love the colder season but my dry and eczema-prone skin may disagree. I’m terrible at keeping New Year’s resolutions, so this year I embarked on a 2021 skin care challenge instead – by trying out the famous 7-skin method that is popular in Korea.

The 7-skin method involves layering on a toner or watery essence seven times, as opposed to once like in the usual skin care routine. Your skin needs sufficient moisture to maintain optimal health. Layering on toner allows your skin to absorb more moisture and maintain a hydrated state.

How to do it: After cleansing, apply the first layer of toner onto skin either with your hands or a cotton pad. Your face should not be completely dry at this stage so that the formula can be absorbed more…

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