Girlfriend Collective Bike Unitard Review


Somewhere around the millionth day of lockdown, I decided that I needed to make a sartorial change. Here’s the thing: I like sweatsuits just as much as the next person, but I was beginning to feel frumpy and unkempt, like I looked like a person in the throes of a pandemic, even though I am, of course, a person in the throes of a pandemic. (As a millennial, my main social currency is always keeping up appearances, despite how wrecked I may feel inside.)

One mindless scroll through Instagram later and there it was in all its athleisure glory: Girlfriend Collective’s Bike Unitard. I wondered whether I could pull it off. Bike shorts are one thing, I thought. A skin-tight one-piece is quite another. It leaves absolutely zero to the imagination. In my state of anxiety and uncertainty, I turned to the reviews, and after reading high praise such as “Better than a birthday suit,” “This…

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