Bridgerton: Daphne’s Wedding Ring From Simon Is So Unique


There’s been much talk about the lavish gowns and exquisite hairstyles on Bridgerton, but one accessory in particular hasn’t received quite as much love and attention as it deserves, and that’s Daphne Bridgerton’s wedding ring. In the fifth episode of the irresistible Netflix series, Simon Basset finally marries Daphne after a hot and cold courtship that involves plenty of ballroom dances, park promenades, and quite the steamy garden kiss. During their intimate wedding ceremony — which takes place in a church and is only attended by the Bridgerton clan, Lady Danbury, and Will and Alice Mondrich — the Duke of Hastings carefully removes his bride’s elbow-length glove and slips on her wedding ring.

It’s not until the seventh episode, however, that we get an up-close glimpse at the piece of jewelry while the new duchess angrily mashes on piano keys, and it’s certainly hard to ignore…

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