Shop Eris Baker’s Golden Goose Aleandro Bomber Jacket


This Is Us star Eris Baker went thrift shopping and invited her followers along. The actor took some selfies wearing a blue-and-white varsity jacket with patches that assured us her outerwear is from everyone’s favorite sneaker brand, Golden Goose. But forget your distressed high-tops for a second, because this article of clothing deserves your full attention. Made from wool and cotton with quality leather sleeves, the collegiate design, called the Aleandro bomber, is now on sale for $815. (I know — tell me about it! — the original price was a whopping $1,630.) But the messaging on the back is really what sells it.

Baker shared a shot of herself sorting through a clothing rack of paint-splashed hoodies, and that’s when we saw the slogan: “For dream use only, not designed for other activities.” IDK about you, but if I owned this jacket, I’d probably reserve it for blissful days…

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