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I have a constantly evolving relationship with bras. There was a time in 2015 when an innocuous quote I gave to a friend about my love of going bra-less went viral. “If you’re comfortable, go for it,” says Richards. “It’s about time we stopped nipple shaming.” Really, I had people I hadn’t spoken to in years sending me screenshots of the clickbait quote on their newsfeeds and sending it to me. I’m not anti-bras, I’m wearing one right now and I especially appreciate the support five years later. You can find me in triangle bras, bralettes, easy on and off sports bras, and even cashmere bras! I love them all.

But you know what bra stuck with me through it all, even when I pushed it to the back of my underwear drawer? Gap’s T-shirt bra. I’ve gone through about three in the last 15 years and I keep returning to it because of its comfort and perfect shape. It plunges deep enough to leave…

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