Sex and the City Outfit Inspiration By Character Style


You’ve played the game with your friends before: which Sex and the City character would you be? While some base the question on personality, we prefer to focus on fashion. While Carrie Bradshaw has an eclectic flair all her own and a wardrobe comprised of ballooning skirts and striped knee socks, some ladies lean toward sophistication and are likely inspired by Miranda or Charlotte. Then, of course, there’s Samantha, who’s got a rack full of skin-baring dresses fit for the party. No matter whose look you admire most, there are plenty of episodes to take in and so much style to explore (with new episodes coming for the recently announced reboot, And Just Like That!). So, basically, you’ve got a lifetime of outfits ahead of you.

That’s why we’ve sorted the style influencers we follow into four groups: Carrie, Samantha (who we’ll be missing in the SATC revival), Miranda, and Charlotte….

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