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Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?

We’re officially five days into 2021, and the start of the year is a perfect time to reflect and set new goals. Adopting new habits can be tough since it can take days or months to get used to them. However, they’re achievable. Instead of setting short-term goals (e.g., crash diets that never work), create habits that you can stick to.

My main goal for 2021 is to achieve healthy skin. Are you hoping for the same? Here are five habits you can adopt in the new year for healthy skin: 

Habit #1: Start the day with water

It sounds like a simple change, but for coffee lovers like me, this is easier said than done as I prefer to grab a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. 

If you need encouragement to drink water before making your morning coffee, create personalized reminders by using sticky notes….

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