10 New Year’s Resolutions That Have Nothing to Do with Weight Loss


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2021 is here and you know what that means: New Year’s Resolutions. It also means a lot of diet culture being pushed on us from every angle. For a lot of us, it’s uncomfortable and triggering. “New Year: New You” is everywhere you turn.

While we spoke of going with a New Year’s theme, some of you may want to work with and rock out with a few resolutions… Not everyone is trying to crowd the gym for a month or jump on the latest diet craze. Some of us are just looking to improve internally.

In small ways.


Without the noise of toxic diet culture. If you’re looking for a few solutions, these 10 New Year’s Resolutions may be for you!

In no particular order,

Here are 10 New Year’s Resolutions that have nothing to do with weight loss

1) Be okay with not being included/invited.

Plus size woman on the couch
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In the age of social media, it’s very easy to get a case…

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