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It’s finally 2021 − good riddance to 2020! That was some year, wasn’t it? Having spent most of it in hoodies and sweatpants, I figure it’s time to reconsider my fashion choices and reintroduce pizzazz to my wardrobe, even if I’ll be all dressed up with nowhere to go. I’ve come up with six fashion resolutions that’ll guide you towards building the perfect outfit in record time. A new year means you deserve fresh threads, after all!

1. Chuck It Out

The first rule of the game is to give your wardrobe a thorough edit. In an ideal world, every piece should count, but we know that’s not the case in reality, judging from the sweaters and dresses collecting mothballs at the back of your closet! A new year is the perfect time to chuck out stuff you never wear, and invest in evergreen pieces that you can always wear, pandemic or not. A…

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