How to Shop Fashion Brands More Mindfully in 2021



Although 2020 has been difficult, the year awakened us to blindspots that fashion brands have and taught us a valuable lesson in where we spend our dollars. Every time I’ve made a purchase this year, I chose to see it as an extension of my beliefs and only supported companies that shared my values. I value companies that put people, animals, and the environment first. I value companies that work to dismantle systemic racism and grant the same opportunities to people regardless of their race or gender. I believe the impression these brands have left on consumers is too great to ignore. My hope is that shoppers will not retreat back to old ways or mindsets that cause them to put convenience first in the new year. Scroll down for some useful reminders that should encourage you to do your part when it comes to shopping smart.

“In 2021 and beyond, I challenge you to be more intentional…

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