The Science Behind Beauty Sleep


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This post was originally published on Hey Aprill

We’ve heard our moms say it. Our friends say it. We’ve probably even said it ourselves. Most likely before a first date or some fancy event. The phrase, “I need to get my beauty sleep,” is one women have heard and tossed around for most of their lives.

But where did the assumption that sleep can make you more beautiful?

Did this theory just infiltrate our minds when Disney created an entire blockbuster movie off this concept — a princess called “Sleeping Beauty” little girls would look up to for decades? Or is there actually science behind getting your beauty sleep?

Turns out, there is.

The Science of Beauty Sleep
Credit: Canva/Olga Novikova

But before you assume setting a bedtime and sticking to it will make you wake up more beautiful, it’s important to understand that sleep is only one factor that impacts skin quality.


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