Gal Gadot’s White “Goddess” Dress in Wonder Woman 1984


If you’ve already seen Wonder Woman 1984, I don’t have to say much more than the words “the dress” for you to know what scene I’m talking about. Gal Gadot wears the ivory silk number as the ever-confident Diana Prince in the film, for the moment she reunites with love interest Steve Trevor. Immediately, you’ll want to know where this leggy look is from, and costume designer Lindy Hemming (who’s also behind films such as The Dark Knight and Casino Royale), confirms it’s not just something you can pick up in stores. Hemming refers to it as the “goddess garment” in an interview for

“We explored so many evening dresses – none of the metallic ones of the period seemed to be right for [Gal Gadot’s] character. They seemed to be too on the nose. I referenced Chanel, Calvin Klein, and Claude Montana to create that kind of classic American look. I created that costume as a…

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