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The YesStyle Beauty Lab

I can still recall that when I first got into K-Beauty years ago, one of the first skin care products I tried was a serum formulated with snail filtrate, a.k.a. snail slime. Ever since then, I’ve been intrigued by this ingredient’s brightening, healing and soothing capabilities, so naturally I was drawn to Secret Key’s Black Snail Original Set. Another reason why this selection caught my attention is the sleek black and gold packaging! 

One of the leading skin care brands in Asia, Secret Key combines the best ingredients from nature with the latest skin science. When I think of this Korean brand, the word “effective” immediately comes to mind. I’ve been incorporating the Black Snail Original Essence, Black Snail Original Ampoule and Black Snail Original Cream into my skin care routine this winter to see if the trio will effectively…

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