The Best Cinnamon Rolls Ever


Merry Christmas Eve! I’m so excited to share the cinnamon roll recipe. It’s been a top request in DMS 🙂 I was planning on taking pictures and posting a step by step but I haven’t even had a chance to make them yet for Christmas and promised I would post the recipe before Christmas, so I’m just adding screenshot from videos I’ve taken and later when I make I will come add better pictures 🙂

We love cinnamon rolls and I’ve gone through tons of recipes trying to find our favorite and I promise this one won’t disappoint. One of my favorite parts is the cream because even if you mess up and make the dough a little too dry (like I did the first time I made) it brings moisture back in and makes them super soft! I got a big part of the cinnamon roll part from this Cinnabon recipe on Tastes of Lizzy T but tweaked a few things like the frosting. The frosting is Cody’s…

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