Cozy Winter Outfits by Friends Character


Sorry not sorry if we extend our Friends outfit inspiration to each and every season of the month. For winter, it’s just too easy to link every character — Ross, Monica, Joey, Rachel, Chandler, and Phoebe — to a classic look. Their personalities totally speak to their wardrobes, and that’s more than clear as the episodes progress.

While Rachel’s always going for a sexy spin on something tailored, Phoebe opts for quirky jumpers, layers, fun hair accessories, and long coats during the holiday season. Even if you like to switch things up, and you’re in the mood for something polished one day and something completely relaxed the next (cough, Chandler, cough), that’s cool, because we shopped out cold-weather essentials for every character’s taste, and you might as well shop them all to ensure your homage to the ’90s is very well-rounded.

Ahead, see if the fashion item you…

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