Why You Should Dress Up For the Holiday Season This Year


Are you debating if you should wear your fanciest outfits for the festive season? Well, don’t think on it for another second because you absolutely should — even if you’ll be staying safe inside and the only people really seeing your looks are online. This year has shown us that although we might not always dress for ourselves, doing so is an easy way to boost your mood. A cute outfit actually has the ability to tell your brain to release tons of happy chemicals that will make you feel as bubbly as your favorite bottle of fizz. “We don’t laugh because we are happy, we are happy because we laugh,” said philosopher William James — and when it comes to celebrating special events in lockdown, that quote couldn’t ring more true.

Rituals and rites of passage are one of the things that make us feel like everything is going to be OK. Milestone events like birthdays, weddings, and…

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